BM 21 Grad

Video: Syrian Army Liberates Town in North Hama

(London, UK – 9:33 P.M.) According to reports from sources in Syria, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and allied forces are advancing in Hama province. The counter-attack is being led by the elite Tiger Forces, and the newly formed 5th Corps.

Many sources have confirmed that pro-government forces managed to liberate the town of Maarzaf today.

Video footage has been released by the Syrian Ministry of Defence (MoD), showing clashes in the town and surrounding areas. The short video showed pro-government forces targeting militants with multiple rocket launchers, such as the BM-21 Grad 122mm multiple rocket launcher.

Several airstrikes were also carried out in support of the ground forces, either by the Russian Air Force (RUAF) or Syrian Air Force (SYAAF.)

In other news, reports that civilians, and even fighters, from the besieged villages of Fouaa and Kefraya will be allowed safe passage to government held areas. The two villages are located in Idlib province, in Northern Syria.

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