Jobar Shelling March - Syria

Video: Syrian Army Attacks Islamist Militants in Jobar, Damascus

(London, UK – 1:59 P.M.) Pro-government forces have continued to clash with Islamist militants in the Jobar area of Damascus today, targeting them with mortars, artillery and other munitions.

A short video has been released showing the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) fighting in Northern Jobar, Damascus.

The Syrian Arab Air Force (SYAAF) assisted troops on the ground, while tanks used their main cannons to assault the terrorist’s military assets and installations. The video footage is below.

Fighting between pro-government forces, including the elite Tiger Forces, and Islamist militants has continued in Hama province. Some sources have reported the slowing of the militant’s offensive. There have also been reports of the Syrian Army regaining some lost ground in the area, after they launched a counter-attack.

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