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Russian Expert: US Pressuring China and North Korea With Aggression

(Sydney, Australia – 10:55 P.M.) The United States’ decision to dispatch an aircraft carrier-led task force towards the Korean Peninsula is a bluff expected to put pressure on both Pyongyang and Beijing, the director of the Russia’s Asian Strategy Center at the Economics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Georgy Toloraya, told TASS in an interview.

“The United States is bluffing to fan tensions in the Korean Peninsula. This bluff is aimed not only against North Korea, but also against China. Quite obvious is the attempt to use the show of muscle, in other words, an aircraft carrier-led task force in the region and war threats to force China become more active on the Korean track,” Georgy said.

He also discussed President Trump’s strategy in the region.

“US President Donald Trump is certain that the Chinese and nobody else will be able to make the North Koreans obedient. He thinks that if China suspends all economic relations and puts pressures on Pyongyang, North Korea will be forced into submission and agree to give up nuclear weapons,” he said.

Georgy then stated that the North Koreans would never give up their nuclear arsenal.

“The Americans really think so, but what they rely on is anyone’s guess. The North Koreans will never agree to relinquish nuclear weapons. On the contrary this will make them hate the Americans and South Koreans still more,” he explained.

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