Referendum Result: Turkey Seemingly Moves Towards A Dictatorship

(London, UK – 8:10 P.M.) It seems that the Turkish population have voted in favour of giving the President more power, in a controversial referendum, which will amend the country’s constitution. According to reports, the “yes” vote won by a narrow margin.

Some opposition groups previously indicated that they would demand a recount for a large chunk of the votes.

The referendum will effectively end Turkey’s parliamentary system, with the winner of the 2019 election gaining full control over the government. The President will be able to choose judges who will scrutinise his decisions and policies, and abolish the role of the Prime Minister, with his powers being transferred to the ruling President.

President Erdogan has been a staunch backer of the Syrian opposition, and his government recently called on Russia to end its support for President Bashar Al-Assad.

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