Syrian Pharmaceutical Industry Lobbying Government For Changes

(London, UK – 3:31 P.M.) Syria’s pharmaceutical industry, which was thriving before nationwide unrest erupted in early 2011, could potentially undergo significant reform in the near future, with pharmacists calling for certain changes.

In a pre-war context, a large proportion of medicines were produced domestically. Furthermore, Syria exported its pharmaceutical products to around 50 countries (this was made possible thanks to the industry’s adoption of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) several years ago.)

Although the war has largely destroyed Syria’s productive capabilities,┬ásome firms have continued to operate in this space, such as ASIA Pharmaceutical Industries, which was founded in 1956. The company currently produces around 300 different products, ranging from antibiotics, such as Penicillin, to anti-diabetic medication, such as Insulin.

Syrian pharmacists are now calling on the government to create a Syrian Food and Drug Administration, and amend a law which obligates them to work a certain amount in the countryside of their respective province.

The Syrian government is yet to officially respond to the requests.

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