Syrian Parliament

Syrian Government Drafts Laws To Improve Reconstruction

(London, UK – 12:33 A.M.) Syrian MPs have indicated that certain local administration laws should be adjusted. They also suggested changes to the government’s compensation scheme for damage caused to private property by terrorist attacks.

In response to these concerns and suggestions, the Minister of Administrative Development drafted several bills and laws to make local reconstruction more effective.

In related news, Syrian contractors complained of suffering from high price inflation (on essential materials and products), while also expressing interest in changing the leadership of the trade unions that represent them.

The Syrian government recently announced the removal of import taxes on machinery, in a bid to encourage domestic production. Syria’s weakened currency has made imports relatively more expensive for consumers and businesses. Producing more goods domestically should tackle the high levels of inflation Syria has faced due to economic sanctions, and the raging civil war, as an exchange in currency¬†won’t be necessary.

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