Russia Concerned About Military Tensions in The Korean Peninsula

(Sydney, Australia -10:42 P.M.) The situation in the Korean Peninsula spells very dramatic consequences, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s official spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova told reporters on Wednesday.

“We have seen so many situations in the world that developed upon a military and ill-considered scenario,” she said.

“Show me where this scenario had a happy end. There are no such examples. Creating another burning hotbed, moreover when we are talking about nuclear weapons, that’s of course a very dramatic perspective,” she said.

The exchange of threats between the United States and North Korea looks like “cross fire of mass destruction,” while there is a solution to the problem through negotiations, the report continued by quoting her.

“Unfortunately, our American colleagues have a bad trait – at first they do something, but then start studying the issue,” Zakharova said. “This was with Ukraine, Syria and many other cases. This time the situation should develop upon an absolutely different scenario – first studying the issue and choosing a strategy, and then making statements and steps.”


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