Syrian Arab Air Force (SYAAF) Warplane

Breaking: Syrian Airbase Targeted By U.S. Missiles Still Operational

(London, UK – 8:26 P.M.) The Syrian airbase which was targeted by the U.S. military earlier today is still operational, with warplanes and bombers belonging to the Syrian Arab Air Force (SYAAF) taking off and landing at the facility.

Footage showing Russian-manufactured Sukhoi Su-22 bombers using the Shayrat airbase, located in Homs province, has been released. The airbase was targeted with 59 tomahawk cruise missiles, although some sources have stated that around half of the missiles were shot down by Russian and Syrian air defences.

The attack has been criticised by some political commentators, as it ultimately benefits the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) opponents, which includes ISIS and other terrorist groups.

Furthermore, the attack was carried out without clear evidence indicating that pro-government forces were behind the recent chemical attack in the Idlib Governorate. In the aftermath of the incident, President Trump blamed Obama’s foreign policy for the latest chemical attack in Syria.

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